Welcome to The Home Improvement Source (THIS Inc.)

We are a local general contractor based out of Santa Clara California where we specialize in providing bay area residents with exterior home improvements. We are best known for our re-roofing solutions- and for good reason. As a Factory certified GAF Master Elite roofing contractor, no one is better qualified for the job, period. But don’t take our word for it, just ask any one of our customers (1000 strong and counting).

Peace of mind comes from knowing that the roof we install will be the last one you have to worry about ever again. Yes, our roofs last that long. And, we back it up with the best warranty in the industry. The roof, walls and windows together make up the outer envelope of your home. At the Home Improvement Source, we can enhance this envelope and make it more energy efficient.

In addition to an attractive looking roof to serve as your homes new crown jewel, we provide great values on a number of other exterior home improvements! Think extreme makeover and you’ll get a good idea of all that we can do for you. We provide custom, made-to-order solutions for your home’s outer layer. Modeled around your unique design sensibilities, the energy star rated solutions we provide are optimized to improve your homes look and feel.

We can also replace your old, leaky windows with new, Low E double pane Amerimax Windows. There are several reasons to update the energy efficiency of your home. Not the least of which will be the savings you realize and the noticeable improvement in your level of comfort. At The Home Improvement Source, not only do we provide insulation for the walls and attic, we also provide exterior paint solutions for your home!

Perhaps it is time to put a new exterior coating on the walls and eaves? Say no more. With tons of Kelly Moore ® paint options at your disposal, you can now give your home the sporting new look it deserves! Soon, you and the neighbors will bask under the glow of your homes new exterior paint job. We are also a certified TEX-COTE ™ systems solution provider. TEX-COTE offers an exterior coating that can last 20 years or more without a new coat of paint. At the Home Improvement Source, the Sky’s the limit, literally. What are we talking about here? Photovoltaic solar.

As GAF Solar Professionals, the Home Improvement Source believes Solar is here to stay and now more than ever, we are making Solar a super affordable and attractive solution to your energy woes. Look no further. Our elite team of solar technicians are trained and certified to install reliable systems that not only present well on a roof, but will start saving you money right out of the gate.